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St Paul’s CofE Primary School

St Paul’s CofE Primary School

St Paul’s CofE Primary received high praise for putting Christian values at the heart of the school’s work.

The report which followed on from a two-day inspection at the end of January 2020 under the new Ofsted Inspection framework, has applauded leaders and staff for their high expectations at the CDAT primary, in Stalybridge. The inspectors judged the school as ‘Good’. The report said: ‘The school’s Christian values are the heart of the school’s work. Pupils behave well, feel valued and are happy at the school. They want to learn and work well together to help and support each other. Leaders and teachers have high expectations of what pupils can achieve. Teacher’s help pupils to keep going if they find work hard or make a mistake. Pupils attempt tasks confidently and ask for help if they need it.’

St Paul’s CofE Primary School Vision

School Mission Statement

St Paul’s is a place with love at its centre. We aspire for our pupils to be happy, considerate, respectful and caring to all. To show compassion and forgiveness to others. We strive for our pupils to be confident, to be articulate, be true to themselves and others, to be independent, resilient and courageous, have high aspirations for themselves and others, and achieve their own potential.

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