Bredbury St Marks C of E Primary School

Bredbury St Marks C of E Primary School 

St. Mark’s Church of England Primary School is a happy and vibrant community with Christian values at its centre. We are committed to nurture and celebrate the varied talents of all our children and to enable them to achieve the best possible progress, whilst preparing them for life and the challenges they will meet.

Our school values and ethos:   

Our caring ethos: The organisation of our school and its environment created by our staff is designed to help all our children feel happy and secure. This enables our children to make excellent progress across their time at St. Mark’s.

Our high standards: We strive to achieve the highest possible standards of achievement and behaviour for all children.

Our focus on life skills: Our core philosophy is to prepare children for their future life and we believe that to do this we need to support children to develop 6 core skills—resilience, responsibility, responsiveness, relationships, reflectiveness and resourcefulness—know at St. Mark’s as the 6 R’s.

Our inclusive ethos: We treat each child as an individual, providing a curriculum and expectation that matches to their individual need—this includes ensuring challenge for the most able as well as supporting and stimulating the least able.                

September 2019 update

In September 2019 the Secretary of State gave consent to the appointment of an Interim Executive Board (IEB) at St Mark's Primary School with immediate effect. The previous governing board has now been dissolved and replaced by the following structure. 


Governing Body Structure

Carol Williams - Chair of Governors

Joan Ryan

David Cattermole

St Mark’s CE Primary School
Redhouse Lane
Tel: 0161 430 3418