Join Us

Why should your school join CDAT?

Rooted in Christian values, CDAT is committed to:

  • Valuing the uniqueness of every child
  • Aspiring to excellence
  • Being a nurturing learning community for all

Jesus said, ‘I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10). As a Trust, our aim is to ensure that all of our pupils are able to benefit from and enjoy ‘life in all its fullness.’

Our offer

  • Chester Diocesan Academies Trust (CDAT) has a vision for the growth of thriving learning
  • communities, that provide everyone with the opportunity to achieve to the very best of their gifts and abilities.
  • Christian values and service are at the heart of all we do, as we help young people todevelop excitement in learning.
  • We work in partnership with Chester Diocesan Board of Education, the education authority for the Diocese of Chester.
  •  We are a multi-academy trust established to support schools across the Diocese of Chester.
  •  We welcome interest in joining from all Church of England schools in the Diocese and others who wish to join our Christian organisation.

The Trust has overall responsibility for the education of the children and establishes a local governing body to oversee each school on a 'day to day' basis. Some members of the local governing body are appointed by CDAT and others are elected by parents.

CDAT provides member academies with the following benefits:

  • Stability and protection in a fast-changing educational landscape
  • Core support for key academy functions
  • Support for schools requiring rapid improvement and schools aspiring to become or remain
  • outstanding
  • Strong strategic guidance and advice from our experienced team who understand, support
  • and develop church school education
  • Collaboration and networking, sharing best practice between all academies in the Trust
  • Economies of scale and cost saving for a range of services centrally procured by the Trust.
  • Working relations within a Trust that maintains the integrity and independence of local schools judged ‘good’ and ‘outstanding.’